Thursday, August 6, 2015

President and Hermana Andersen

The Passing of the Keys

With the touch-down of the Andersen's plane on July1, the Presidency of the Spain Málaga Mission passed from President Deere to President Andersen, and a new chapter of the mission opened. The Andersens fit enough in the first few weeks to last months, as the pictures will show. 
First up were 3 meetings of three zones each to let the missionaries meet and get to know their new Mission President couple.


Bonus - the Hermanas of Málaga

Then came transfers on July 7. Meet our new missionaries!

Hermana Anderson with Hermana Stupinean, Cartagena

Hermana Merrill with Hermana Rollins , Cartagena

Hermana Rocha with Hermana Smalley, Alicante

Hermana Stradling with Hermana Portas , Puerto de Santa Maria

Hermana Andersen, filling in for Hermana Asay, with Hermana Brown, Elche

Elder  Bean with Elder Gray, Jeréz

Elder  Van Leeuwen with Elder Reeder, Torremolinos

Elder Triana with Elder Rivero, Málaga

Elder Striebeck with Elder Meredith, Cartagena

The new Spain Málaga Missionaries with their companions and the Andersens
Finally there was Consejo (notice the new name), followed by individual interviews of each missionary by President Andersen, followed by another Consejo (getting back on the regular schedule). Mission Presidents and their wives are unbelievably busy!

And to finish off this post, here are some of the recent baptisms performed in the Spain Málaga Mission. The names of the converts are withheld to protect their privacy.

Élders Triana andTye  in Málaga
Élders Hall, Vera, and Metcalf in Murcia
Hermanas Jones and Giler, Málaga
Hermanas Arce and Giler, Málaga
Élders Triana and Rivero, Málaga
Hermanas Rowley and Cook, Elche
Hermanas Cook and Rowley, Elche 


  1. So happy this blog is continuing! Thank you!

  2. Are all the missionaries in the Malaga picture? I can't find Elder Hansen. I know he's short, but not THAT short. ;)

    1. I´m pretty sure all the missionaries made it to the meetings - he may have been at the Murcia meeting, or behind someone. Sorry! I promise he is still here in the mission field! ;)

    2. Ah-ha! There he is in the Murcia picture!! I clicked on it to make it larger, and there was my boy! Thanks for the reply! :)