Thursday, September 10, 2015

New Mission Office!!!

Hurrah!  We finally made into our new office!  It´s still in the process of being organized, so no pictures yet, but they are to come soon!  This move means that our ADDRESS HAS CHANGED! Our new address is in ¨Mission Contact Information¨ to the right (check out the short form for automated mail), but if you just can´t make it there, it is 

The Spain Málaga Mission
(Your missionary´s name)
Edificio Ofiso
Avda. Jesús Santos Rein, 2, 1º C
29640 Fuengirola (Málaga)

This is just a short two floors down from our old office, and in the same building. All the mail and other deliverers know us very well, so don´t worry if you sent something to the old address. I once  got a letter with just ¨The Spain Málaga Mission¨, my name, and the street address, no city or even country, and it actually made it to me!  A miracle indeed. Thanks to all of the missionaries who spent a couple of hours bringing down the boxes and boxes of supplies, desks and other furniture, and etc. We couldn´t have done it without you!

Also, the Information for New Missionaries has been changed a bit (after talking with the Mission Medical PA and others), so please check that out too.  Some of the information is good for ¨old¨ as well as incoming missionaries. And please check out the information about packages (often lost/stolen/very expensive)!

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